We have made the process quite straightforward.

1 - Create a team

2 - Add the bot

3 - Create an account

4 - Invite or Add your users

Create a team

Create a new team called fikaTime. Each member in this team will get matched each week. If someone no longer wants to receive matches, they can just leave the team.

Add the bot

In the Apps tab, search fikaTime and add it to the team you just created. Do Not add to a channel or to yourself, the bot needs to be added to the team. Then follow the Microsoft Teams instructions that you are shown.

Update: Due to a change in how Microsoft Teams adds apps, you may see a message that says you should add it personally for yourself to get the best experience. You can ignore this as it has already been taken care of.

You may also find that when you first add the app to a team, a pop up shows again to "Add" the app. You can close this window without clicking on anything since we have already added it for you in order to message you directly.

Pro tip: If you cannot find fikaTime or cannot choose Add to Team, please speak to your IT department or Teams administrator to enable this for you/complete on your behalf. See our help file for Setup issues for more guidance

Create an Account

Once you added the bot, you will get a message asking you to create an account. If there is an existing account in your organisation, the bot will let you know to decide if you want to create a different one. Very important: You must complete the account creation or the app wont be "activated" for you.

Before you continue, this step is completely optional but makes the experience much better. Grant AD permissions so that your pairing messages can show the profile picture of the people getting matched. It will work without it but just won't look as good. Follow these steps here: Grant AD permissions

Invite or Add your users

Now that your account is created, all that is left to do is add the users to the team. Alternatively, you can send out a message to invite them to the new team. Once in the group, they will get a message from fikaTime to introduce the concept to them. They will not need to create an account.

That's it! come Monday, you will have your first fika! 😁☕

If you have any issues around getting this done and our help files can't resolve those. Reach out to us at support@fikatime.app, we will be more than happy to help.

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